Spirituality of Sports


July 21, 2013 by fathertj

The talk I gave at the 2013 Archdiocesan Youth Conference.

AYC Talk

The slideshow that goes with the talk: AYC Slideshow

Unfortunately, the videos don’t show up in the slideshow, but they are listed below.

3 thoughts on “Spirituality of Sports

  1. Gary Loth says:

    Great Job of using the “tools” given to you.

    These will become a must from now on.

    Very nice use of the web site.

    Thank You

    God Bless

  2. Juls says:

    woooo hoooo horay, I can tell you have so many buddies there who will play with you basketball, baseball,golf, football, etc With your patience in St.Mary’s you got the trophy from our DEAR LORD.He placed you in a better place, Thanks, I was able to open some of the slideshow. You bring the light. As my friends said the congregation there is very much alive unlike here in St.Mary’s. Hope one day we can see you if you will welcome us Julie…….I am reading the book of St.Therese of Avila “The Way to Perfection.” Yes sports also opens up the mind of sleepy people.


  3. Jim O says:

    Great to hear your “Spirituality of Sports”. Like you’re still at st-mm!

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