The parable of the ‘Good Enough’ Samaritan


July 14, 2013 by fathertj

From the Sunday, July 14th at 5 PM

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

One thought on “The parable of the ‘Good Enough’ Samaritan

  1. Bonnie Sulkowski says:

    Dear Father T.J., Sorry to be so far behind the times but I just discovered you were transferred. How I wish I had been more diligent with my confession time with you. Your new parish is very fortunate to have you on staff. I wish you were closer, I would come there for confession. I am not sure how far you are so if you will let me know I would appreciate it.
    Thank you so much for your service and your yes to God. We have been blessed to have you.
    Bonnie Sulkowski

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