The Story of a laborer


July 7, 2013 by fathertj

The first homily at St. Thomas More on Sunday, July 6

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time


7 thoughts on “The Story of a laborer

  1. Thank you Fr. for this wonderful and meaningful Homily. WOW! you said it well and I will pray and hope that young men and women will open their hearts to GOD and not in the world. Remember, as you walk in this new journey, I am walking behind you with my prayers. You never did tell me if you like when I pray for you. True we need more Priest and Nuns who will be able to change this world around to be more GODLY and not worldly.

  2. Jim OB says:

    The witness of how you were called to the priesthood will be inspiring to all those out there feeling the call to work in the vineyard!

  3. Benji P says:

    Already missing you here in Humble! Know that our prayers are with you!

  4. Mary Gosline says:

    Fr. T. J.,
    Welcome to St. Thomas More. We are blessed to have you as our Spiritual leader. I am looking forward to getting to know you. May God bless you!

  5. Steve and Audrey Golden says:

    Father T.J.,

    Our best wishes to you in your future leadership role at St. Thomas More.
    We are members of St. Mary Magdeleine in Humble and will miss you but understand the Lord has called you to continue on your journey. It is wonderful to know that we can continue to draw comfort and inspiration with the opportunity to listen to your heartfelt homilies. May God Bless You and Keep You.

  6. Debby Rapp says:

    Welcome Fr. TJ from a teacher at the day school. We join with you to encourage vocations among our students, and look forward to the joyful inspiration they will receive from you!

    • Juls says:

      Hi Fr. How was your vacation? Where did you spend it? Thank you for keeping me posted on your Homily. Yes will be able to fish a lot of young man to the Priesthood.  I suggest that you just keep boys and young man to be altar helpers not girls or young woman.  Why? because being an altar boy they will know and be encourage to follow on your footsteps and will be able to listen more to GODS call.  You see the girls are not fit to be a Priest.  When Marco ate with us last week, I mentioned that to him as to what can he say about girls being altar helpers.  This is what he said,” I agree they should not be altar helpers.”  Adding to this Marco likes the old tradition that the Priest’s back from the congregation. I hear some people here said, “oh Marco is so handsome” see people look at the face not the content of the mass.  That is why when the Priest is weak in FAITH, they falter and strip out of Priesthood.     Also Fr. when Lent comes, please wash the feet of men or young men or boys.  This is more recollecting GOD’sPassion.  HE DOES NOT HAVE ANY WOMEN TO WASH BUT BECAUSE HIS DISCIPLES ARE MEN. Bringing back the tradition is good.  See now a woman ordained to be a Priest.  Women cannot compete to this vocation. Take care now, ‘ 


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