Happy Lent!


February 13, 2013 by fathertj

From the 12:15 Mass on Wednesday, February 13th

Ash Wednesday

One thought on “Happy Lent!

  1. Good morning Fr.T.J.,
    Thank you for your Homily explaining the true meaning of the Ashes.. Yes, isn’t it sad that some people go to church during Ash Wednesday because of the ashes to be placed on their foreheads. But do they really know the true meaning of that during Lent? By you explaining that we are nothing bus ashes and when we die we turn to ashes again. Hope and pray that the people who showed up during this Ash Wednesday will stay close to GOD and MOTHER MARY.
    Prayer–yes we need to immerse more in Adoration
    Fasting–fasting only for one thing like giving up chocolates is not enough. When we go in Fasting, we are also helping the poor souls in Pourgatory.
    Alms giving–yes a lot of people find it hard to give even few dollars but when spending it for like
    expensive toys or for vanity they can afford it, without thinking that all comes from the Grace of GOD. God was happy when the poor lad in the bible was only able to offer a penny but gave it with love. LOVE is the key element of being a CHRIST LIKE.

    Fr. please try to set a few minutes with me whenI come back. I will be leaving this Wednesday and back by7Mar. hope to see you and if you want anything from the Netherlands please let me know. I will spend about more than 2weeks to be rested to see my cousin.

    Thank you for your Blessing.

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