All Star Sunday Night


February 17, 2013 by fathertj

From the 5 pm Mass on Sunday, February 17th

1st Sunday of Lent

(In honor of the NBA All Star game in Houston)

From All Star Sunday

From All Star Sunday

2 thoughts on “All Star Sunday Night

  1. wow very cute and funny hah hah hah hah …but very meaningful. Yes indeed the devil is real. And we have to be on the watch at all times. Temptation is easily swayed to vulnerable people.The Pope insist that we need to pray even more for Him and the Priest because you are close to GOD. They enter the church and look for people whom they can devour. The Mother Superior in Poland in Poland saw it and me too. Amazing and scary when the Mother Superior told her “you are the devil” that person disappeared right in front of our eyes and gave me goose bumps. She then Blessed us and told us because of our closeness to the LORD, she was trying to tempt me. She wants me to go to Slovakia but I went to Warsaw .And I prayed to GOD because HE already showed me to be careful with that person. I always thank the LORD for
    HE keeps me under HIS LOVING CARE. Fr. T.J. have a rosary in your pocket and be close
    to Mother Mary.
    GOD BLESS , I will have no access to computer on my trip this Wednesday, but hoping to see
    you when I get back.

  2. Jim O says:

    Great look with the facial hair! 🙂
    You were not sleep deprived– just inspired!

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