Allowing our lives to be changed


February 10, 2013 by fathertj

From the 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Feb 9th


3 thoughts on “Allowing our lives to be changed

  1. Love it Love it Love it! Always good Homily, and you are opening the hearts of the people by mentioning that giving up chocolates is not really a way of embracing our LORD. True we need to change our attitudes and be more humble, and this is the key to be GOD LIKE..

  2. edwardtarte says:

    If Jesus indeed existed, we need to face the fact that we have no eye-witness accounts of anything that he said or did. The Gospels were written decades after his alleged death; we do not know who wrote them; what we have is copies of translations of copies of translations of copies…, with many errors and discrepancies. Consequently the Bible gives us no accurate reliable way to know that particular person, to know what he said or did; to know the purposes of his actions whatever they were.

  3. fathertj says:

    There is plenty of ‘eye-witness’ accounts. The community of the disiciples heard the Apostles tell the story of Jesus and that is what they wrote down. The Apostles all gave up their lives for the faith, willing to die for the things they saw and they believed. Why would the Apostles make up the story of Jesus and suffer horribly agonizing deaths trying to convince the world of who He was? They did not die for a lie. They saw Jesus, lived with Him, and shared that with the world. That is the proof we have.

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