What gifts has God given you?


November 20, 2017 by fathertj

From Mass on the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time at St. John Vianney

One thought on “What gifts has God given you?

  1. Michael Snethen says:

    Gift: The Church started by Jesus in 33AD. Its comes with multiple gifts. Been studying reformation history this year & ran across as much Anti-Triune God stuff as I did history. Some of it very disheartening & I fear many poorly catechized Catholics could fall prey to these visceral heresies. I’m 47 & had 8 years of Catholic school, without some self study I would be one of them. One these people was an Atheist who claims to be a former catholic priest I believe your familiar with. God bless you for trying to help him. I’ll pray for him too. I can’t believe he could just turn his back on God & his vocation. There has to be more to his story than he is willing to share. I sense a lot of hurt & anger about something in is video’s yet he denies the one thing that can help him.

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