32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


November 9, 2015 by fathertj

From Mass at St. Mary the Miraculous Medal in Texas City on November 8, 2015

One thought on “32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

  1. Juls says:

    Very true we need seminary to have more Priest. Especially with this trouble world.  I always pray for Pope Cardinals Bishops Monks Priest Nuns Postulants Brothers Sisters Deacon Seminarians.

    Like the lady in the Gospel I am not rich small pay but I support EWTN Monks in Atlanta Carmelite nuns here and the Philippines the Poor sisters of St Claire

    To seminary to Shalom. Giving to St Martha Kitchen Salvation Army Star of Hope buy books for seminarians st Vincent due Paul etc

    Boy wish I can win lotto to give more than what I am giving. Red cross  I send little money when the place of Pilgrimage in Lourdes France got flooded

    japan disaster the flooding in my country here in US.

    Let us pray hard people of america will open their eyes listen to GOD and not to politicians like Obama who spends so much by touring the world with his family.

    Pray pray pray the Rosary .we need healthy strong seminarians and Priest.

    Pray for that Fr,Larry in Dickinson. He does not care for his Parishioners.

    This is one big reason why so many Catholics turned their back and lost FAITH

    Very sad

    God Bless

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    fathertj posted: “From Mass at St. Mary the Miraculous Medal in Texas City on November 8, 2015 “

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