Joining our prayers with all the Saints in glory


November 1, 2014 by fathertj

From the 9 am Mass at St. Mary’s Seminary on November 1st, 2014

One thought on “Joining our prayers with all the Saints in glory

  1. Geraldine says:

    I just listened to your All Saints Day homily from the thoughtfulness of my sister, Anita and found your words to be exactly what I have felt many times while attending Mass since the passing of my mother in 2001 and of my son four months later. After my father died in 1997, mother would tell me how she felt an important time to “join in” the responses during mass was the “Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Host, etc.” That our dad was there praising God with us. Little did I know that my son would soon be one of them–the saints in Heaven joining us in song! I often feel the warmth of someone holding my open hand during the Lord’s Prayer during mass and know that it is either my dad, my mother, or my son. I hope to be able to play your message/homily for my family–my children and grandchildren someday. God Bless you!

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