“Take up your cross”


August 31, 2014 by fathertj

From the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary time at St. John’s in Alvin


2 thoughts on ““Take up your cross”

  1. juls8000 says:

    Yes indeed our GOD IS GOOD. Hope you make  Homily to all seminarians how wonderful it is to be always with our LORD by becoming a Priest and not to let swayed easily with Their emotions by leaving and getting married. The devil wants them to be disconnected from the love of GOD. Decieving them with lust  and not true love. I am saying this bec. I know of some Who left the church and got married then ending up not happy. God Bless and Power to you

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  2. C. W. says:

    I go to church biut sometes feel I don’t get the intended message until I listen to your homily.

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