Do not be afraid: God is with you!


May 18, 2014 by fathertj

From the 11 am Mass on Sunday, May 18, 2014.

2 thoughts on “Do not be afraid: God is with you!

  1. juls8000 says:

    How nice to put it on a 7yr old child. My cousin has 7yrs son and 3yrs old daughter..when our cousin died a US veteran navy at veterans hospital and mass at St Vincent de Paul she does not want to let her kids know. She said for them to know about death is not proper.  I just cant tell her that is where we are going to end.but the way you put it made it easy for a child to understand.thank you. God Bless always Juls

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  2. Jesus says:

    Thank you Father, Dios lo bendiga

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