The promise of Resurrection


June 9, 2013 by fathertj

From the 5 pm Mass on Sunday, June 9th

One thought on “The promise of Resurrection

  1. awsome!. yes, that is very nice. A lady in ST. Mary Magdalene who seats beside me named
    Claudia, told me that she is afraid. She is on stage 4 of cancer in her breast and it has gone to
    her kidney and spine. Afraid of dying is her fear. I hope she was able to attend mass to hear your beautiful homily to keep her spirit high she has not been going to mass for some time now.
    I guess a lot of people stricken with such thing is afraid of the agony they will go through before
    dying. But forgetting the love of GOD is Resurrecting them with HIM. Very good Fr. love it

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