The New Commandment


April 28, 2013 by fathertj

From the 5 pm Mass on Sunday, April 28

2 thoughts on “The New Commandment

  1. Thank you for the Blessing of the Living Water. Boy do I really need a bath heh heh heh, ooops
    enough for the joke. But love it thank you F a t h e r T. J.

    Actually that is not a new Commandments to be a person of love. This word unfortunately to say, is null and voided even before Christ and up to this very century. I see a lot of people even in our church who are hypocrite sad to say. Why can I say this? Because we reach out to them and anywhere else but they do not respond. Noses high in the air, choosing the white people only to be their friends. etc etc. I better not elaborate too much on this …I see clearly too why so many Cactholics are walking away . First they can easily say the word Love but do not know how to use it.Ahhh enough , as I said this is too long for me to comment on. Sorry.

    You said it well hope everyone applies it.

  2. I would like to download the homily in mp3… Jeff Crandall

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