What brings you peace in life?


April 7, 2013 by fathertj

Homily at 9 am Mass from the Second Sunday of Easter

Divine Mercy Sunday

2 thoughts on “What brings you peace in life?

  1. Very nice Homily. May GOD shower us HIS LOVING GRACE during this Feast of DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY. We immerse ourselves to GOD’s LOVE, remembering HIS suffering and dying on the cross for us. Now we all should walk in the light. What a wonderful way you
    explained it to the children and adults as well on how we can achieve peace.
    P E A C E OF C H R I S T be upon you as you continue your mission as being a Priest a
    child of GOD …

  2. Anahi says:

    I love how relatable you are each time you speak. This homily was fantastic for both the children amd for us adults. I went home and raved about it. Thank you sonmuch Father TJ for your positive contributions to our parish and Faith!

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