RCIA Talk on Holy Orders


January 25, 2013 by fathertj

From the RCIA class on Thursday, January 24th
(This is a 40 minute talk)
RCIA talk Holy Orders

From summer 2011

From summer 2011

3 thoughts on “RCIA Talk on Holy Orders

  1. you always give a clear message of the GOSPEL..love it

  2. Jim OB says:

    Great! You are a “tall glass of water”!

  3. edwardtarte says:

    In May 1963 Bishop John Morkovsky placed his hands firmly on my head and conferred on me the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Looking back on that event, and examining carefully its background and context, I find no credible evidence that that action by him gave me any special powers. Accordingly, for the past 45 years, since May 1968, five years after that imposition of hands, I have lived my life based on reason and evidence, as a math teacher, completely convinced that I am simply an ordinary man with no ordinary powers associated with any supernatural being or any supernatural abilities.

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