Be Thankful


November 18, 2012 by fathertj

From the School Mass before Thanksgiving break

November 14th

One thought on “Be Thankful

  1. edwardtarte says:

    I do not believe in any god; but, in order to communicate with you, I will do as most of us atheists do: I will use phrases such as “your God”; “the Biblical God”, etc. If I were to thank the Catholic/Christian/Biblical God for the good weather that I have experienced during most of my life, what am I to say about tsunamis, earthquakes, violent storms, tornadoes, hurricanes?
    All these according to Christian doctrine are caused by your God, Creator of All Things. These alleged creations by your God have done incalculable harm to uncountably many people and other living and non-living entities. Accordingly, gratitude to your God simply does not make sense to me.

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