I love the Priesthood!


October 28, 2012 by fathertj

From the Saturday evening Mass at St. Mary’s on the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time:

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Priesthood Sunday readings:

Jeremiah 31: 7-9

Hebrews 5:1-6

Mark 10:46-52

2 thoughts on “I love the Priesthood!

  1. Vicki Ruck says:

    Dear Fr. TJ,
    What a wonderful discovery that I can hear your homolies! I celebrate your priesthood and am grateful that you heard and heeded that call. You, Deacon Ed, Shannon and Fr. Borski brought me home though CRH and I am forever grateful and blessed. We continue and I never walk into that room (CRH) that I don’t thank God for your love of Him and decision to be a priest and ask for His help to reach out to others. My daughter and I see her son Noah (7) and his love for the church and you can bet we will enocourage him and his sisters in their Catholicism. If they hear the call, we will heartily support it. Like so many on Sunday, when we clapped for Fr. Borski and Fr. Alfonso – we were clapping for you too. May God continue to allow you to shout out your love for the priesthood and for Him, it is contagious! Thank you so much. Hugs from your sister in Christ. Vicki

  2. edwardtarte says:

    In 1968, after five years as a priest, I left the priesthood, convinced that I was wasting my life. I became a math teacher , and that is what I still am today, 45 years later, helping young people to use their minds and think critically. Six years earlier, in 1962, one of my priest-teachers at the seminary had left the priesthood. My classmate Felix left the priesthood and became a professional counselor. My classmate Joe left the priesthood and became a furniture salesman. My classmate Gary, probably the most devout and prayerful of us all in the entire seminary, left the priesthood and became a successful businessman, husband, and father; he refers to the seminary as being an “institution of misinformation”. My classmate A.J., who had the most beautiful singing voice at the seminary, left the priesthood and became a successful businessman, husband, and father. My classmate Cecil, a talented musician, left the priesthood and became a music teacher. My fellow assistant pastor for three years, a dynamic and charismatic priest, greatly loved and admired throughout the parish, left the priesthood. The list goes on an on. The majority of priests at that time remained in the priesthood, but a substantial minority, those that I have named and many others, left. Each of course had his own reasons for leaving.

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