Homily from Sunday, July 8th


July 18, 2012 by fathertj

Here was my homily from the First Sunday at St. Mary Magdelene.

It was recorded at the 11 am Mass on the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 8, 2012)

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

6 thoughts on “Homily from Sunday, July 8th

  1. Shae Lee says:

    This is so awesome that we are still able to be connected to you.
    There were many times during your homilies that I felt Jesus speaking to me through you.

    May God continue to bless you, Father TJ, while you continue to spread his love.
    – The Lee Family

  2. Dixie Frantz says:

    Great job Fr. TJ! I loved your story about “being present” for the young man and family in the hospital! A very humbling experience.

  3. Erin mathe says:

    I like listening to your homilies! Great one, wish you could come to the Woodlands!

  4. Santiago Family says:

    Great opportunity for those who do not get to hear your homily because attending other masses. Thank you for your time and effort!

  5. Martha says:

    I am sharing my time between St.Mary’s and St.Martha because I love listening to your
    homilies-both past and present. Very uplifting-martha

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